Forgotten Victims of AntiAbortionists- A Child’s Story of Losing His Mother Due to an Illegal Abortion

I’ve finally uploaded the FULL video of me reading an illegal abortion story…from the child’s point of view. Towards the end I always get a bit teary, so bare with me. This is a very heartbreaking story, and he makes a sadly good point… Far too many people never mention what happens to the children who are left behind because their mother had no access to a legal and safe abortion.
The anger, knowing she would have lived, if it had been legal…

Make note, the “facts” anti-abortionists use, they generally come from the days after abortion was made illegal, and before Roe reversed that. The actual number of deaths, or rate of deaths, due to a legal abortion today in America is 0.03% out of every 100,000 women who obtain abortions. That means abortion is incredibly safe and a NATURAL procedure women have been using since before written history.
And I want to add the above means abortions are far safer than giving birth and most other procedures… And again; factually… NO it DOES NOT have any link to breast cancer….
More to come, as well as that educational series I’ve previously spoke of.