Facing Facts Regarding Abortion; Video Series INTRO

abortion rocks.jpgI apologize for my lack of posts both here and other places online, including YouTube…But hopefully this makes up for it. I am on Vimeo, Twitch, YouNow, and a number of other sites but I’m getting ahead of myself… So! Abortion Videos aye?… Part 1, let’s begin.


First.. If YOU have an abortion or any other related question for me? EMAIL ME AT Noctem_AeternamX@yahoo.com  — Note: Most hate mail I don’t read however if I accidentally do, you only get to be featured if you make me laugh so work hard!–

*And now, THIS VIDEO! I’ve been away awhile, mainly doing research and studying not only for this but for my other channel also, so I can make the most informative videos, with all the information and citations needed to back up what I say… On this channel, that would be ABORTION IS A MEDICAL PROCEDURE, NOT MURDER!

And if you’re an anti, then you won’t mind this series being on here and won’t give pointless hate because you have no reason to hide the reality and facts, right? … But they will hate. Ignore them- I don’t believe abortion is for all but for those considering it, I believe you deserve to know the truth regarding ALL your options. I also am proud to be not just pro-choice but pro-abortion meaning I support a woman’s right to abort for -any- reason. That said, future videos with my OPINIONS or RANDOM RANTS will be separated from those I post up as this series.


I am aiming for these videos to be “educational”- also, PERSONAL. Example; – the next video uploaded is directed at women considering abortion, after wards I will be speaking out on what women can expect based medical facts but more importantly, on my experience as a patient, having my 23 week abortion, or a D&E. While this differs from a D&C, I will make a video on D&C as well but probably not along side my abortion story.

The reason for the latter video is similar to that of the abortion pill experience video I made…so you’ll know what to expect, and that you’re not alone, nor are you a murderer… I’ll be exploring my abortions (I kept a lot of writing) and sharing other stories also. I’ll be going over lists I’ve obtained from anti’s, laws that are wrongfully in place and lies anti’s hand out online and in person as well as in “doctors” offices. WITH PROOF. Once again; my proof is based on a large pool of independent research organizations and professionals world wide….
Anti’s have each other and their selective pools… Please, watch where you get your info. I’m not saying I am an amazing video maker, speaker or etc. But I care about WOMEN and whether or not a woman aborts is up to her; if she does, she has my support. EITHER WAY! She deserves the TRUTH. That’s all I can promise to share. Truth and undeniable proof. =)

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