Irish Anti-Abortion Group Plans To Harass Women Traveling For Procedure At Airports

The airport says it’s against their regulations… I hope they stay true to that, and may the women of North Ireland AND America fight on knowing we have the right to health care and truth. We are not murderers, nor are we failures… We are GOOD women doing what any good person would do be it for our future, the potential child’s future or both!

And to England, thank you for letting the NHS cover women from Ireland’s abortions, also. Another amazing choice… America and N. Ireland could take a few lessons from you..

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But airport officials say it’s against their rules.

A woman protests in Dublin in March against Ireland’s harsh abortion restrictions.

Because of the country’s extreme regulations on abortion, many Irish women are forced to travel to the U.K. for their procedures, making the expensive and difficult appointment all the more arduous to access. According to the BBC, more than 3,000 Irish women a year make the trip to the U.K. to get abortion care.

Now, the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (ICBR) has announced that it will protest at the Cork and Dublin airports, as well as in the Cork city center, with anti-abortion signage in an attempt to stop women from getting on the plane to have their appointments. This campaign is a part…

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