Back! New Video & I’m Ready to Get Back in Fully Fighting to Defend, Expose & Share Truth on Abortion Care

GUESS WHO IS BACK! 😀 I apologize for the empty blog and YouTube but I am back and ready to start up; universe please bless that as I don’t think I can handle any more issues (family etc) at the moment. Sooo!…
I’m not only back with a plan of all I want to discuss on both my channels (and in the video you are invited to join me on both 😀 exciting, I know lol) but also I am going to be more realistic with my time and consistency lol.

So, while I was away I noticed I’ve got a lot of mail and notices…full of questions from both intelligent and legit women and organizations, as well as from anti-lifers; many within these abusive groups members of hate groups towards abortion providers and women to the point of slaughtering them proudly… They are probably not only in racist hate groups but those same psychos are also more like than not also in the anti-abortion extremist groups, aka, another very serious and fatal domestic terrorist organization.

More on that… very soon. Let me make it clear it is not only the majority of Americans who consider anti-choice abusers and extremists to be a domestic terrorist threat; but also the government.

I’ll end it with the truest quote on the psychotic (well, more than psychotic; there’s no term for these sickos) killers and abusers:

Anderson said that as with ISIS, anti-abortion terrorism tends to draw out individuals who were already unstable and looking for a cause or an excuse to become violent.

“Whether you’re talking about extreme right, extreme left, religious, or ISIS, every extremist entity attracts people who are on the fringes themselves who determine that they should personally take action,” Anderson explained. “They are on the edge, and in their minds this gives them a way to become a person of importance.”

In September, an FBI bulletin went out nationwide, warning law enforcement of potential attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics after nine “criminal or suspicious incidents” occurred at scattered facilities in seven different states following the emergence of Daleiden’s videos, according to CBS News.

The bulletin described potential “lone offenders using tactics of arsons and threats all of which are typical of the pro-life extremist movement.”

Anderson told the Daily Dot that the FBI considers Planned Parenthood to be in a “heightened threat environment” since the release of the videos and has been operating accordingly. She said that bureau agents across the country have been instructed to remain in close contact with local abortion providers and Planned Parenthood staff, making sure each clinic has the name and phone number of its local office.

According to the president of the National Abortion Federation, which tracks violence against providers, there has been “a direct correlation between the release of these videos and the threats.” President Vicki Saporta told the New York Daily News on Friday night that her group has catalogued a “gamut” of recent threats and handed them over to law enforcement.

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