Gov Tries to Force Religious Counsel at Teenage Girl Seeking Abortion; Please Help!

Anti’s are not for life; here is a prime example…. omg I am angry! We have so much legal work to do, …but focusing on the moment, please help this teenage girl who wants an abortion receive what she deserves; not some christian guilt trip based on false words and fake images…. Please save HER life by signing and sharing. She’s a child; children having children? … She knows what she wants; and what she wants I totally support… How can you not? What if it were your daughter…. Click here to sign the petition.

At the very least, there should be separation of church and state; religion should not be a part of this procedure and what they are doing is absolutely child abuse. Forced birth is worse than forced abortion; neither are right but forced birth messes up more than one life…Forced abortion may cause regrets but that is actually very rare (research finds, year after year, and from the mouths of women themselves).

Please help this young teen get the abortion she wants and deserves….

“Jane Doe already has her judicial bypass for an abortion. But the federal government is preventing her from using it, and is forcing her to undergo religious antiabortion counseling instead. Sign the petition to demand her freedom.”

This is not the only case, of course, and I will post more about this and others through out the day.

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