[Videos] A Thank You to Abortion Providers Both Before & After Roe V Wade

Such a heart breaking yet inspiring story told by the physicians themselves. What did they see before Roe V Wade passed? What happened to women and the medical procedure of abortion when it was made illegal in America during the early 1900s, late 1800s? Listening to the stories from the women who managed to survive is harrowing; listening to the bravery of those who care and can tell us about the lengths women went to (and will go to again) to abort is powerful… And I am grateful to all abortion providers and their staff… Thank you for all you endure, risk and do every day. Truly, from the bottom of my soul; I thank you….

Now, let’s go back in time through the eyes of the physicians who have already once lived  abortion being illegal and the atrocities it brought due to back alley abortions, self induced abortions or people pretending to be doctors just to get money and with no regard for the life of the woman. The woman who knew it was wrong to keep a pregnancy unwanted or a pregnancy that she knows is not right -for any and all reasons for any reason at all, even simply not wanting, is a “good enough” reason., wife, partner, best friend, sister, aunt, niece, teacher, friend, daughter, research supports me when I also include, mothers…

With all my heart and soul I give them thank yous for they risked their lives to save lives, and that is pro-life; don’t let these anti-abortionists make you doubt it simply because they coined a phrase that sounds good but is only good when put into action… Something they fail at, exceedingly.

These are stories no doctor should have to repeat. Please join in and help fight against the ban against 20 week + abortions, I had a 23-24 week abortion and I’d do it again…or take my life for I cannot have a child, not now. I know what is right and wrong, and thanks to people like the following, I can make that choice for a better future as well as myself and the potential child.

There is no thank you big enough for abortion provider (staff too)… They are true heroes; that terms thrown about too loosely but these men and women truly are. What’s most touching is they are following their heart and conscious, doing the RIGHT thing despite the risks. This is all because they want to do what is right in a world full of liars and deceivers… Woman receiving legitimate care are women having a safe medical procedure and can then get back to living as they were before. There is no right or wrong answer when you feel you want an abortion…

And again… To all abortion providers and staff… Thank you for ensuring women can safely obtain an abortion be it via the pill or later on like my first one was, and do so with care and the conviction to continue forwards despite the hate they receive, despite the risk the anti-abortionists create.

Abortion is health care. Regardless of what the opinion of some random group wants you to believe so they create false papers and when I say that I mean the falsehood is provable not just medically or scientifically, but universally as well, with decades upon decades of studying and research all over the world done without bias and independently, to ensure abortion is safe. Our health care is in great danger right now, more than ever; but more on that in another post.

Actually…with that said… I’m going to share one last video from the doctors themselves who are abortion providers right now…and let them explain why they provide this medical necessity.

I have selected to start a little further in at 1 minute and 35 seconds because I feel this doctor’s story and words are very concise and specific especially regarding Texas and many other states like it. States where they lack not only health care services like abortion for women, but also fail to offer the opportunity to learn about it that in college or university. They do all they can to keep ignorance strong, and keep the mindless and heartless cold towards truth; but thankfully, some doctors are willing to do whatever they must to do the right thing in gaining abortion training.

Not only to provide abortion, but to go back and teach abortion in a state where previously it did not exist. Thanks to the first doctor I start this video with below, doctors in Texas who want to learn and provide the medical procedure of abortion now don’t have to leave the state or their current school to gain that knowledge.

I urge you guys to start it from the beginning…If you’ve had an abortion or are considering one, or if you just want to try and understand…this video is straight from the mouths of those who are a blessing to 1 out of 3 women in the USA.

They literally risk their lives to save women daily. To me, this makes them absolutely a blessing as a human and doctor; and definitely worth a few minutes of my time to watch a short video and thank them for their hard work; for saving lives.


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