Abortion is NOT Immoral, Not Evil NOR Murder… Don’t Agree or Want to Know WHY? [Video Included]

First let me say; no, miss anti-abortionist; shame on you for your lack of morals and care for women and children alike! =) I just have to start with that… Anyhow!

Tabortion, christians, pro-choice, pro-life, fetushe following video is for any and all women; if you’ve had an abortion, considering one, late-term or via the pill. It is some proof to simplify what a good person is and what a bad person is, and why. Why you, the medical patient, are not the hate-filled, evil lies so many anti-choicers and anti-abortionists want you to believe. This video is also for all those who hate me and call me evil, send me death threats because they are so very “pro-life” (LOL). If that contradicting statement alone doesn’t throw up a red flag that anti’s are not too reliable, I’d be concerned for you but have no fear; there is a lot more in the following video.

This video is a very brief summary of what defines good and evil, from the most logical and emotional point of view. No, everything is not included. But I made my point; disagree all you want, but evil shows in how you treat others, in the way you use your words and in your behavior towards others… Goodness shines from the good hearted, as a good hearted person would never aim to harm another person.*Video Follows*

When a woman decides to have an abortion; be it for her best interest or the fetus to become child’s best interest or both…none of these things make her evil. Late-term or early trimester abortion alike; you are not an evil murderer! You are a strong woman, making a choice that some are not strong enough to make.

The right choice is not always the easiest. In fact, sometimes it is the hardest, and I found that out with my first abortion. An abortion I not only do not regret, but feel great relief from.

Sometimes it takes a child to remind us that as some people grow older, they fix their eyes on fake realities, on hate instead of love, of punishment and cruelty instead of justice and helping. So, in the video, I use Dr. George Tillman’s words to elaborate on this.

Antiabortionists can get mad at me and all those like me because we tell the truth. Science and some religions don’t mix well, so all the Antiabortionist can do is call names and try to intimidate women. Soon I will begin speaking out against adoption thanks to the help of my life and mothers whom couldn’t have an abortion but were forced to give birth and then, give away their baby. That will be in a few weeks.

abortion, fetus, pro-choice, pro-life

The point of this video is to remember; actions speak. There is a fine line between freedom of speech, hate speech and threatening, verbal abuse. This is something we all need to focus on; from women to the “government”- and you, Anti-choicers need to dub another name, for pro-life is not what you are at all.

Pro-life suggests you care about life. Uh, so why is your care only partial, short lived and also very narrow and discriminating? Most anti-choicers I know or have encountered show only limited amounts of this alleged “care” and that is in the form of, only caring about the fetus while it is inside the mother, (developing inside the mother, something it can only do with a live “host” aka, the mother, aka, a REAL life).

It is a contradiction to logic and to definition to say you are pro-life yet disregard infants, babies, children and women (just to start out with). A fetus is not a human. Check your bible if you’re religious; and check science no matter what.

Abortion is nothing to be ashamed about. Abortion is not murder.

I am not the world’s greatest anything, but I honestly do care… So, as always, if any women need someone who understands, please, email me. I will do the best I can to listen or point you in the right direction. Or simply visit my resource page.

Watch out for the CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Centers)- they are religious nuts wearing a white lab coat to lie and intimate you into feeling abortion isn’t a moral option- when it is.

Let me end this by clarifying; I am not anti child. I love children. Which is one reason for my strong beliefs.

I recall one woman recently saying something to the likes of, “whatever did these babies do to deserve this!?” I laughed; what a stupid thing to say.

First, they are not babies. Secondly, the fetus which would become a baby has done NOTHING wrong; and if I or any other woman feels like it is wrong or not the right time to bring a child into this world, it is her duty to make sure she doesn’t have a forced pregnancy. It is our job as women to PROTECT, not shove em out regardless of dreams, reality, etc; simply because that’s what you want to believe is right.

Finally I’ll say this and depart….

Forced pregnancies are worse than forced abortions. Forced pregnancies ruin both the woman, and the new born. I know. I am a forced birth. And soon, I will have my birth mother speak out on why I was not aborted (money)- I wish I would have been. I don’t belong here. However, since I made it, I am going to raise my voice on issues such as this til the day I die.

Or until the day a “pro-lifer” kills me.

*Please note: Not all anti-abortionists are like those I speak of. As always, any video or writing I post is directed solely at those cold hearted enough to try and demean and hurt women, when they need love the most.

Women, ask yourselves this regarding good VS evil….

Do you think wanting to intimidate and harm someone in their time of need is a moral thing for a person to do? Or is it more moral to want to help them do what is best not only for themselves, but for the fetus as well during this hard time. Who is more kind; those who are willing to listen and let the woman decide and follow her heart and what she knows inside to be right; or those who demand they know what is right for her?

The answer is pretty damn clear to me. I’d never let another human suffer alone, and I’d never demand they do something that is their choice nor would I judge them. Having love and empathy for fellow beings is about compassion, love and acceptance; not judgment, hate talk and lies to try and support insane claims in the vain attempt to scare women away from a safe medical procedure.

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