New Vid: Expose CPCs & Fake ‘Clinics’ , & Shatter Abortion Lies with Facts… JOIN ME!

Exposing CPC’s and fake clinics is CRUCIAL to women”s health, to the future of developing embryos and fetuses as they are developing into what will become -at birth- a life. even if you disagree with when life begins; abortion is still not murder, nor is it evil or wrong…. Abortion saves lives and is safer and a moral option when the woman feels it is not time to have a child; that is a LIFE CHANGING EVENT….. It should be given more consideration than lies, deceit and active attacks on abortion AND pregnancy truths

Abortion , adoption, pregnancy and birth facts should be available to all women without a problem but some state laws and these fake clinics who aim to manipulate a woman into thinking her only options are adoption or forced birth which is TRULY inhumane…. ALL options and all risks and when I say that I mean FACTUAL truths need be shared= and that is my current plan.

Also will be uploading a video explaining why I’ve been so off with these videos even when I say I am back… IT’s a bit personal but I feel you guys deserve it, thank you for hanging in there with me, and I will do my best to stay true to my word and get these videos out in a consistent and reliable manner ….

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