3 States Testing TelAbortion Services! If a Success, It’ll be Amazing & Revolutionary for Women’s HealthCare

Abortions Save Lives

New York, Washington state and Oregon residents… you now may be able to safely and legally access the abortion pills you need via mail via what is called the TelAbortion Study! This news has made me so thrilled…

The TelAbortion Study will help women in the above states obtain a professional medical abortion via telemedicine [what is telemedicine? “Telemedicine is a relatively new concept, and in the world of internet, it develops with lightning speed. This article is for those who want to understand all intricacies of this highly dynamic and fascinating field.” Click here to learn more about the overall medical field; keep reading below for the abortion study information.)

Thankfully and happily they are trying this with medical abortions. So, if you live in one of the above states, you can have a professional medical evaluation via the internet which when successful results in you receiving the abortion medications overnight from a reliable and professional institution. It is part of a study which is being reviewed by the FDA to help determine how women feel about going through a medical abortion (an abortion via the pill that is) as well as how well this service works.

This could be massively life saving… I hope it goes well and spreads to all states, I’m so excited about the potential this is giving women over our own bodies and futures!

( One thing I have to note here as well, some notes are made about aborting alone and I know I’ve had women contact me regarding this. If you are self aborting, be it via a professional or other, but have no one to be there during the time, I have stayed with women on video chat until it was over or until she was comfortable. This is something I extend to anyone interested…I’m nothing amazing but you do not have to be alone, the unknown is scary but I’ve been there… I happily still do this when needed, if you feel you may be interested, email me at noctem_aeternamx@yahoo.com =) 

After consulting with an abortion provider by video conference, if you qualify you are sent the required and safe abortion medicines via overnight mail.

How do you qualify? Their website states:

  1. You are pregnant and want a medical abortion.
  2. You will be able to have all the necessary pre-abortion tests, receive the medications, and take the first abortion pill before you are 70 days (10 weeks) along in your pregnancy.
  3. You must not have any of the following conditions that could potentially make a medical abortion unsafe for you:
    • an IUD (Paragard, Mirena, Skyla, Liletta, Kyleena) in your uterus now
    • any problem with your adrenal glands
    • any condition that affects the ability of your blood to clot normally
    • inherited porphyria (a genetic blood disease)
    • an allergy to the abortion drugs
  4. You are not using certain kinds of medicines that could interfere with any drugs administered during the abortion. These include anticoagulants (blood thinners) and steroids.

You must have an internet connection and camera to communicate with the providing doctor as well.

I hope despite the evil thing we have in office, this part of the government, the FDA, will be true to its purpose… Remember, in 2000 the Food and Drug Admin finally approved the main medication needed for a medical abortion, mifepristone. Since then, over 3.1 million women in America have had a legal medical abortion. Sadly, to my knowledge that number is not including those who do not receive professional care but instead self induce with knowledge or at their own risk, depending on the situation.

Lsat important but still good to know, no one involved in this study from the professionals to the institutions…none of them are making a profit from this current project / study. Nope. Not even the pharmaceutical companies… There are no pharmaceutical companies involved thus ruling them out as well for any form of financial gain 🙂

The FDA is reviewing, and I hope the study will spread to all states followed by a big green “go” sign for women to be able to teleabortion… What a blessing that would be!

Click here to read more and participate if that is what you are seeking! 🙂 

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