New Video- Reply Explaining Why Abortion is Not Wrong & Why Anti’s Are Cruel

In the below video I address a really stupidly hateful and misinformed email I received to show other women the moral of these kind of people, and to correct her misunderstandings. For those who watch, I discuss my late-term abortion some, as I won’t share in the same video I am speaking out on hate with; and I speak about facts versus what she wanted to believe, too stupid apparently to realize…

There is no hurting me on abortion, loves. I am a proud abortion supporter, I’ve had 2 abortions, one at 23/24 weeks, I know love and I know my marriage and I know right from wrong… So I did the right thing instead of just forcing out another unwanted child, an unwanted pregnancy that no one was ready for so he could be tortured simply so others could say I gave birth.

I hope my sharing these things will help other women realize what I say is true; anyone who tries to come at you and abuse you because of a medical choice is not someone you should ever trust…

Not with what you do with your future, nor how you view yourself for you are a strong, good, and REAL woman… Abortion takes none of that away, and it also does not take away the ability to have children in the future. Factual! But I digress…

As always, if any women read this any need to talk or have questions, please email me at I believe the choice is yours 100%, but I also believe women need facts not lies, not just on abortion but on adoption, child birth, parenthood and the long term impacts created, as well.

I was not planning on this video lol but I cannot stress enough; ABORTION IS NOT MURDER; and those who have them ARE NOT! KILLERS. So, I accidentally stumbled on an email from an anti last night and the hatred and hypocrisy made me shake my head in wonder… So I thought I’d read it, and address some of the so called “issues” she wrote in between her name calling…which was what made me laugh lol… But moreover I make this for all women who have had an abortion, want one or considering it…

Please, don’t let someone whose “argument” against women and abortion is hate-filled decide what choice you make because if you feel in any way you don’t want to go through a pregnancy and possibly have a kid, then that is all you need to know… There is no reason that is wrong to abort unless it is someone else telling you to do it. I hope you will seek facts about abortion, adoption and when I say adoption I mean the horrible negative impacts of it, and think about your future, and the potential child’s future…

Having a child isn’t like buying shoes or some BS… If you are taking time to think about it…you are a good woman with a good heart and soul, and you are doing the right thing if you are following what you know inside is right. .Anti’s will be gone after 9 months, that kid won’t be unless you throw em away… But don’t even listen to me really; just read an know the REAL facts,,…. not the anti-choice movements self created and self generated lies….

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