Celebrate Roe V Wade Win 45th Years Later By Spreading Truth!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WINNING OF THE LEGAL RIGHT TO OBTAIN A MEDICAL ABORTION!!!  ROE V WADE I plan on writing or making a video, one of the two, some things today for this legal right we were finally given back 45 years ago, today. At the moment, though, I thought I’d share a post from another site which gives us 10 absolutely true and legit, additional reasons to celebrate abortion. Let us all keep in mind however…sadly, though abortion is yes, technically legal, banning access to it, making it difficult for women to obtain abortions and probably worst of all, LYING, SOMETIMES LEGALLY! LYING ABOUT ABORTION, PRETENDING TO BE MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS OR CLINICS WHEN IN REALITY THEY ARE ANYTHING BUT!…

These are very real issues; so is the violent threat from Anti’s against doctors and staff. With all of that in mind, celebrate but also, find a way to get active if you aren’t already even if it is just reposting truth that you read… 

Question EVERYTHING… And please, make sure you are seeing a real medical clinic whether you want an abortion or not. No one deserves the sadistic mind games, lies and deceptive control these cruel so called humans dish out. They spew lies; none of their words are worth anything to me thus why I do NOT debate with them. What is there to debate? They name call and make false accusations. I have facts and know in my heart I am right… Medical and scientific proof added to my being happy with abortion and controlling my own body and whether I give birth… How DARE women have such a thing, right?

Click on the link below to read the 10 reasons; one being… Abortion legalization should mean we have nothing but real clinics. Sadly we have fake clinics and with Trump’s sexist, racist ass in office we have them more than ever. Click link below to see more 🙂  

“Real clinics > Fake clinics

Unlike many of the fake clinics (aka Crisis Pregnancy Centers) throughout Texas and the country, Whole Woman’s Health facilities are run by Board Certified and licensed physicians, counselors, medical assistants, and patient advocates. ”

Click here to read the article!!