Abortion is Not Murder, Adoption is Not Kind & Updates

physicians-for-abortion-voices-of-courage1.pngFirst, thank you to all who have remained subscribed to this site in one form or another, even through my silent bouts. The last year, 2017, was an extremely hard year due to personal issues and in no way related to abortion [making this clear for the anti’s who know no limit of decency].

There is a plus to my absence though and I am currently working on making it beneficial to this page, to women who have an unwanted pregnancy/unplanned pregnancy. I actually received an email from one anti telling me to stop speaking with facts, facts do not matter, she claimed… This gives tremendous insight into why these selfish, insane people are able to deny that abortion is a human right, it is for the best in society and for children as well.

Pregnancy should not be a punishment for the family, the pregnant woman nor the potential child, who did not ask to be born. I can say with certainty that if I had the opportunity as a fetus to say “give birth” or “abort” I would have selected the second. Objectively speaking, it would have been better morally and psychologically to abort me; but here I am. So to the anti’s who tell me I should have been aborted (lol) sadly for you, that didn’t happen. . . And because it didn’t, I am here to spread truth. Truth, and abortion legalpersonal experience… So, the two mixed (personal experience being pregnant and wanting/obtaining abortion), I am here and will never stop promoting truth.

The billion dollar adoption industry is where they tend to go, saying adoption is a gift, but this is not only true from my personal standpoint, but neuroscience and other scientific research along with medical research all are proving more and more the trauma of abandonment in infancy (other ages included) not only on the child but the woman a well. The negative, lifelong impact of adoption or giving birth despite the pregnancy being unwanted are extremely detrimental and can bring about severe trauma related issues for the child and the future of that child.

Currently, I am working on developing a book compiling factual research and facts relating to adoption and the trauma it causes. Even in situations when the child has great parents and doesn’t think they are impacted, brain scans show differently. Not to mention, they are in the minority.

Abortion puts the mother at risk for no medical danger. Like all medical procedures, there is a risk for complications but they are a rarity. The death rate of abortion and
women is virtually nonexistent (speaking of countries where abortion is performed by a medical professional) while giving birth the death rate is sadly climbing; and that is speaking only of deaths related to giving birth in America.

All of this is to say, while this site has been idle, I am going to begin writing and creating
videos again as I am able, which will be more than previously and with expanded topics all related to abortion; all proving the anti-abortion aka anti-life organizations wrong…

I understand abortion is not for everyone, but it should be an option to all and it should not be portrayed as evil, wrong, non-medical, & so forth by the lies and deceptive actions of those who think it is their personal right to misinform and control women. Abortion has never been about the fetus or life… It is about controlling women. Why are there other women who disagree with abortion then?

Tragic as it is, they have been deceived and believe in it, for whatever reason; but one thing that is certain and they all have tricked themselves into believing the lies put before them; despite how wrong they are in this.

Or they play the absurd religion card which is the basis of fear tactics and attempts to make the woman feel shame (which is totally unwarranted as ABORTION IS NOT MURDER!) through the means of religion (which is weak in itself as their religions never mention abortion). And then finally, there are a few women who regret aborting, many of those women also report feeling forced into abortion (these women who regret aborting represent 1% of abortion patients, by the way). This does not include the women who lie and claim they have had an abortion and regret it; when in reality nothing of the sort happened. I’ve had two of these sort email me, how many there actually are I cannot even begin to assume. Telling women to give the unwanted pregnancy to them is a crime in itself, and giving up unwanted pregnancies to adoption agencies is not the answer to infertility. !!!!!

No matter the false and self-created lies that these misled women use as their reasoning, they are all incorrect, cruel and hypocritical; all using the same falsified “information” as well as the same deception based “logic”; thus they are all wrong.

Facts matter. And that is what I intend to continue to share, now even more so than before.

One thought on “Abortion is Not Murder, Adoption is Not Kind & Updates

  1. I admire you for taking this stance of defending those women who have had abortions. You are a dying breed in this country, we are taking giant steps backwards in terms of equality for reproductive rights, and meanwhile I do not hear any men being condemned for this, only the women who have to go through them. I’m with you on the idea that there is NOTHING good about going back to the coat-hanger back-street abortions of old. As long as women exist then there is a need for abortions. Few women are thrilled about the idea of having an abortion, so why pro-lifers seem stuck on the story of a woman ‘they know’ who has abortions for birth-control, shows that their argument isn’t far reaching enough to come up with anything else. (They all seem to know this same ‘one woman’ who has had 1000 abortions, coincidence?). Nobody should have a child that is either unwanted, or cannot be provided for. Women’s bodies shouldn’t be factories to produce children and adopt them out if that’s not what they want to do. There’s no doubt it’s sad to have an abortion, it’s sad to get pregnant when you don’t want to, or to find out your fetus is not viable, but I persist in believing the VAST majority of women who have abortions do so for just and often merciful reasons. So well done for your campaign and your words, they do make a difference, I just wish more would stand up and defend this right, because it truly is being undermined.

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