Discussing Late Term Abortions – New Video

late term or second trimester abortion my storyI find it annoying and frustrating when people talk about late-term abortion saying how rare it is… Of course, it is a good thing most abortions take place before the second trimester mark for the sooner any procedure is done, the better it is and the safer it is –AGAIN THAT IS ANY! PROCEDURE. But because abortion is so stigmatized thanks to the hard work of the anti-life, anti abortion movement, abortion is a dirty word it seems; especially, “late-term” or “second trimester” abortion…

So even when pro-choice talk of it, it seems it’s important for them to note that most abortions are not second trimester, etc.

Well… I had no pregnancy complications…other than pregnancy, both the actual pregnancy and the knowing of a future unwanted made me want to die to the point I had it all ready to go and would have without hesitation taken my life (thereby ending the LIFE of me, and the possibility of the currently growing organism…and that’s not murder but it would be suicide; a suicide of one, not two.) 

There are a lot of reasons other than my mental health that led me to know my choice with abortion was right. I’ve made videos but as time goes on it gets more clear how right I was, and I never have really given a concise, focused video or story… I will do so soon as I can….

As a side note, it’s almost time to begin the truth facts that they* want hidden… So please, stay tuned….


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