We Need To Be Ready For What’s To Come Now…

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With things going as they have been in “politics” growing ever increasingly terrifying for any and all form of human rights, I absolutely believe women need to learn about safe abortion care and we need to be learning how to help one another during times of abortion because banning abortion does NOT make it go away, it only makes a non-dangerous procedure life threatening. Still women have and will again go to it; and we know this because it already is happening in places where abortion is banned or inaccessible.

I will never forget the relief I felt after my abortion quickly matched by the terror I felt when I realized how lucky I was and that it could have gone another way; they could have refused to help me, and I would have tried to self abort or, more likely, I would have taken my life -I was fighting not taking my own life as it was, so all I needed was that one last push. And being forced to remain pregnant and then have a child and then raise it in circumstances you know are not good enough; at a time you know you are not ready or a time you don’t even want to have a kid… That doesn’t help.

On the 6 hour drive back to where I was staying I heard on the radio that Perry wanted to shut down abortion clinics in Texas where I had just obtained my late-term abortion.  This was around the start of 2013, the end of 2012. I remember thinking of all the women who felt like I had just felt; who would not have the option or ability so easily as I. And I felt horror. No one should go through being pregnant, certain of what is right yet living in a reality of fear to share with others that they can’t or don’t want to, for any reason, be pregnant or go full term.

It is our choice. We are the living human beings; not a fetus. Not an embryo. It’s a possibility and it’s developing into a potential…

Now that I’ve ranted about that… I’ve said this on my YouTube channel before which I will share again now… (Below video)

In the event that we do go backwards, again, in history and a medical procedure becomes something one must risk their life to have a medical procedure done; be it early or late. We also need to focus more on late-term abortions when it comes to aborting because if it is banned, education and men and women willing to help -as well as the internet and connections- are our biggest hopes. COMMUNITY & SOLIDARITY!

Article beings now->

Within a few years, abortion will likely be illegal in close to half of U.S. states—if we’re lucky. Should Republicans continue their control of the House, Senate and White House, within a decade or two they could easily move to pass a total abortion ban, extending the right to life guaranteed in the 14th Amendment down to the moment of conception—and have the Supreme Court votes to uphold it.

None of this came out of the blue. Anti-abortion leaders have spent the last decade urging Republican politicians to pack federal benches and pass incremental state abortion restrictions in the hopes of inching the right case up to the right mix of Supreme Court justices. As this issue went to press, the court that could make this happen was nearly set. Unless every Democrat blocks Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and one Republican defects, Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Soon after, the Court will hear one of the many state restriction laws pending in the lower courts—either a 20-week abortion ban or even a more stringent six-week “heartbeat” version—and use it to overturn Roe v. Wade. When that happens, states will again have the final say on abortion law within their borders.

Analysts refer to the inevitable map that would result as a “patchwork” of abortion legality, but patchwork is the wrong word. Patchwork implies one complete piece made up of different scraps of fabric. What we will have is tatters. Remnants. The South will be gone. Most of the Midwest missing. The Appalachians nearly empty. Abortion will be legal almost nowhere but the coasts and a smattering of states in between.

We’ve seen this in the pre-Roe days. Before 1973, abortion access was the stuff of calls to secret numbers posted in phone booths or passed hand to hand at women’s liberation meetings. It was a plane ride to New York or Mexico or Sweden, depending on how much money you had. It was visiting women like the Jane Collective in Chicago, self-taught and dedicated to freeing women from unwanted pregnancies, or the less skilled or less scrupulous “doctors” (sometimes licensed, sometimes not) in hidden locations where women could be arrested, kidnapped or worse.

Thanks to technological progress and decades of organizing, post-Roe America won’t look exactly like this. Air travel is more common—although still expensive—and communication is instantaneous thanks to email, cell reception and social media. We have financial and medical support from groups such as the National Network of Abortion Funds and its state affiliates, which provide abortions for those who may not have the money to afford them. Support networks in a variety of states—especially throughout the South, where abortion is already tightly restricted—can arrange travel and housing for those who need to cross state borders or take multiday trips because of legally stipulated waiting periods.

Still, these organizations will never be able to reach the many—those in poverty, those with travel barriers, those in rural areas or those in poor health—who still can’t manage to leave a state and obtain a legal termination. In an age of Trump deportations, what undocumented immigrant will be willing to pass through one of the many Border Patrol checkpoints that sit as far as 100 miles from the border? How will someone too poor to afford a $20 fee for an ID be able to get on an airplane even if a donor covers her plane ticket? How can a parent find overnight childcare in order to spend three days driving from, say, North Dakota to Minnesota and back, or an hourly worker get three consecutive days off?

That is why it is imperative that, above all, we support self-managed abortion care. In January, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists declared its support to stop the criminalization of self-induced abortions, saying such laws are medically unnecessary and only cause harm. We must take action now to push state, if not federal, legislation proclaiming no person can be jailed for the act of ending their own pregnancy.

Abortion opponents repeatedly claim they have no desire to jail the women who obtain illegal abortions. Let’s make them prove it now—before it is too late for us all.

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