Texas, Abortion and Funding

Not only was it the Lilith fund that helped fund my life saving abortion (or I would have died by my own hand) but they help countless women every year. Please read the following, click the link for its entirety and consider making a donation… Please. Imagine if it is you in dire need of an abortion… Especially in Texas. Please, read and at least share… Thank you.

The fifth annual BettyFest benefits the Lilith Fund for a second year in a row. The Lilith Fund is doing the groundwork every day in Texas to fight and protect women’s rights to equal access reproductive care. With Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court and the overall mission of the MeToo movement, we are thrilled to partner with TLF again to shed light on the fight for reproductive equity through comedy, an often male dominated space.

We sat down with Amanda William, The Lilith Fund Executive Director, to talk about the vital work they’re doing in Texas.

BF: What is the need? What areas do you serve?

AW: Last year, we heard from more than 6,000 people in Texas who needed an abortion but couldn’t afford it. The need is consistently growing and unfortunately we’re only able to offer funding to about one-quarter of our callers due to lack of funds. The majority of our clients live in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Rio Grande Valley, and El Paso. Since our founding, Lilith Fund has provided grants to over 10,000 people who otherwise would not have been able to afford a safe abortion.



BF: What are some organizations Lilith Fund works with to make sure clients are taken care of?

AW: We proudly partner with many local practical support organizations working hard to ensure that patients make it to their appointments. Organizations include: Fund Texas Choice, The Bridge Collective, Frontera Fund, Clinic Access Support Network, West Fund, TEA Fund, and more. Of course, we also work closely with the local clinics in our service area who provide such excellent care to our clients! Locally in Austin we work with Whole Woman’s Health, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, and Austin Women’s Health Clinic.

Click here for full article. 

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