Anti’s Try To Silence My Abortion Video; Fail- Here Is My Story

Something that I recently learned from YouTube moderators that this video had been flagged by anti’s lol. I disputed the anti’s BS claim and YouTube did, rightfully so, lift the age restriction ban that anti’s had tried to put on my video in their attempt to try and silence me…

This isn’t the only method the anti’s try to use (and failed, I will never allow silence to overtake me; I will ALWAYS speak truth)… What they do is in groups go to certain videos they don’t like and within the hour I have hundreds of dislikes. They are hoping this will keep my videos from showing up in search engines… So if you don’t mind, make sure to please hit the like button on any video you watch and feel is worth a thumbs up 🙂 It isn’t crucial really, but for every hateful attack, a counter act with love speaks volumes.

So in spirit of YouTube putting this video back as it rightfully should be -non restricted-  I thought I’d do a repost. More videos will be coming soon, as well as more blog posts… I am in the process of organizing and getting things together… Thank you all who have stayed with me during my silent periods…

Share knowledge!

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