Abortion Channel Video; Pro-Abortion and Pro-Choice is to be, Pro-Life…

abortion pro-choice is pro-life
So. True.

So, my YouTube page as well as this blog is about to get a whole new …do over so to speak lol. With that said, before we get on to the video,…

I know my videos have been sporadic at best at times… And the past few years have been crazy; currently getting ready for this phase to end as I am finally moving πŸ™‚ for good this time lol. But after seeing a disturbing video full of deceit and hate regarding abortions, I thought this would be a good time to post up information on my YouTube channel which will be getting consistently active once more as soon as I am in my new place next month.

I have a lot of plans, a lot of research has been conducted; independent research, and I have a lot of facts and information to counter these CPCs and other lying, hate-filled threats to women’s health and truth. not to mention the countless unwanted children they don’t think twice about in adoption agencies and foster homes, waiting to be bought. I can say that. I was one.

Yes, my mom should have aborted. At a time I was sad about that too. But, now I am happy to be here, spreading information and truth and disproving anti-life lies and attempts at insults against good women. So, sadly for you, I now say, that she didn’t. Here is a quick intro video, I will get everything more ” proper ” so to speak within the next month or two. For now….
And if you have a question, send it in to me at Noctem_Aeternamx@yahoo.com πŸ™‚

Will only reply to serious questions however if you make your hate email funny enough… I may put give you a spot in a video for a bit of comic relief at the expense of your lack of heart and brain cells πŸ™‚

Yea I have no sympathy for you liars who try to con women in to doing what they know they don’t want or can’t do. And why are comments off? Because I have spoken to your sort. I don’t have time to keep repeating myself. You all go around in circles more than a merry go round 😐

My channel on YouTube won’t be active on a consistent basis until mid Jan but videos will be up here and there πŸ™‚ and this site will be getting A LOT more useful information for women seeking abortion via the legal, safe method as well as useful medical information for women who are being forced to risk their lives using unsafe methods because the “pro-lifers” don’t want death.

Talk about sick. These people attack and lie, while attempting to emotionally manipulate …. and they make me so, so ill. Ugh.


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