Funding Life is Funding Abortion With Even Just $1

I cannot begin to tell any of you how vital funding is for women who need an abortion… If you, like me, have needed this medical procedure in the past -especially in a hurry as I did in my late-term abortion- you know how crucial funding is… Even $1 helps… please at the very least share… All I can imagine is what if I had not been able to get financial help for mine? It would have been a matter of death for me as I was not going to have a child at the most horrific place I could ever imagine; not to mention at the worst time of our lives. That is just touching the tip of the iceberg.

But I digress. I was blessed, my abortion provider performed the abortion safely and it was the biggest blessing of my life; it gave me life back.

If we don’t donate as I said even a dollar when we can…other women may not be so lucky… Please consider donating to Fund Texas, or one of many other organizations which I plan to have posted up on their own page shortly…

Our work at Fund Texas Choice continues to reflect our values of meeting people where they are and serving all Texans no matter what. When people call our hotline, we don’t make them prove their need. We provide funding for every person who calls and is beginning their trip from Texas. We believe that if someone has reached out to us, they have a need that we can help fill. We trust our callers to know what’s best for their lives.

In 2017 we funded 374 trips totaling over $2220,000 towards Texans traveling for abortion care. 39% of our callers traveled out of state for their procedure. In the upcoming year, we know abortion rights are at risk on both the federal and state levels. However, in Texas, even now as abortion is technically legal, it is often practically infeasible to navigate the many hurdles to exercise our rights

And no. These are not affiliate links.

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