Stay Updated On Latest Anti-Choice/Life Deception; Quick Video!

Right, so while I like to make my own videos -and I will be a little later today for the fury I feel towards these lying “people”… Especially when it comes to a topic like this…where women are losing and at risk of losing their LIVES which they DO have; it’s not a potential… It enrages me because I am proud of my abortions, and every woman deserves that without having hate and lies spewed at them.

I am extremely passionate, moreover, extremely right (I can prove it; the WORLD can) and acutely aware of the deception anti’s engage in on a 24/7 basis regarding abortion and adoption alike.

But more on that later. For now, let me just remind you guys with this video as to some of (SOME) of the latest deception techniques these freaks are using. Think about it…if they were right, why would they have to go to the extent of lying and creating their own reality (falsehoods, etc), why would they have to try and emotionally harass and abuse women seeking abortion if they are so right? Why don’t they use the same research the rest of the world does from the same prestigious and trusted healthcare medical journals, papers, doctors, scientists, articles and academic papers that the majority of us do use? Why are our doctors, medical professionals, researchers and scientists -even at the American Cancer Society for they state what the world states- abortion does not increase risk of breast cancer- and for that anti-life sites say not to donate to them…because they do not lie, unlike these … “people”… They should be ashamed, I mean … really 😐

I’ll be posting videos I make a little later on, and I’ll post an update if that anti-choice “research” group sends me the citations they “refer to” since it is not to be found on their webpage. Perhaps these amazing medical papers and government papers are just unorganized and they are going to send me a message with some citations for me to share with you guys and look into myself. They may surprise me! I hope they do. I doubt it though; either way; it’s all false and useless; absolutely skewered and tainted words based on opinion.

Here is a quick video on some ways they are tricking women more recently. I want to add; I do not agree with this woman in that this is a complex issue that no one can sit down and figure out. Uh, yes it is. Facts are facts; health care should be health care and women are being lied to, legally in some places, and anyone who has a heart and a mind needs to be making noise and never being silent until we win for as stated… hate does not take a day off… Why in hell should we?!

Make noise. Share the information please… More in a few hours! 🙂 And an update on upcoming abortion! 😀

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