TX in Further Danger From Anti’s; Keep Texas Abortion Access Available!


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PLEASE Help Texas Women Keep What Help Re: Transportation to Safe Abortion Care!

“These laws endanger the health and wellbeing of many Texans, where expensive, long-distance travel to a dwindling number of clinics is often necessary to obtain abortion services. We are proud to fight for these Texans as plaintiffs in The People’s Lawsuit.”
– Melissa Flores
President, Board of Directors

Fund Texas Choice
is an amazing organization whom has helped countless women; myself included, obtain access to abortion clinics which otherwise would have likely been virtually impossible to access; I know for myself it would be. But, more on me and that in the upcoming future and videos! If you follow me on twitter or Facebook, you should know of my upcoming adventure which I will, at the end, make into a collected documentary of more truth- as seen through the processes…..


For now, you can donate and help this amazing organization which helps transport women (I read earlier today that most abortion clinics in Texas are 100 miles from the majority of women in the state) to and from abortion, aka, MEDICAL, appointments. Or, you can share the donation link… Without these brave souls women in the second largest state in the U.S. many women would have no ability to access the medical care safely needed by professionals; not ordered offline or done by ones self -which risks their life -their, the female, being an actual LIFE, not a POTENTIAL life! 
Please consider donating to help keep this transportation service running for a state in dire need of abortion progress and aid. Thank you!! Again, Fund Texas Choice’s donation link can be found here! Please share or donate if possible… Women need you…especially with the government turning to lies and leaving women to do for self…which is not safe for women nor is it moral how they are treating us… But I digress -for now-………

screen shot 2019-01-16 at 10.49.05 pmHere is some important information; remember, evil (anti’s the REAL anti-life and abusive ‘people’) never takes a break… Sadly, though most people support abortion in America, not enough stand up and fight those who promote lies and abuse towards women seeking medical care…aka, cruel people without any form of love, that’s obvious. You cannot behave as they do with a good heart and/or soul.

The heartless behavior is, in my opinion, very much so cold hearted and cruel…. Thus, yes. Evil. Those of us who oppose evil must join together and make a stronger stance against their cruelty towards women and children. (Want a child? Go to an overflowing adoption agency or foster home and love the child; don’t give it back, be mean or only seek out infants… There are too many children in need as it is; we don’t need more, in my opinion, and as a former unwanted child I say this.)

Article Begins!:

Imagine if nearly all of Texas’ onerous and most restrictive abortion laws over the past two decades were struck down in one fell swoop. That’s what abortion providers and funding groups are hoping to achieve with their latest suit, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance v. Paxton, a sweeping challenge to dozens of the state’s anti-choice laws.

Dubbed the “People’s Lawsuit” by abortion rights advocates, the ambitious action filed in June argues that those burdensome laws, including the 24-hour pre-procedure sonogram and a rule that forces doctors to provide state-mandated misinformation about abortion, can now be undone in light of the 2016 Supreme Court Hellerstedt decision (“Groups File Expansive Suit to Challenge Dozens of Abortion Restrictions,” June 14, 2018) that overturned Texas’ House Bill 2.

But state officials are working to make sure that the People’s Lawsuit never sees the legal light of day. In federal court in Austin Monday, Jan. 7, providers including Whole Woman’s Health Alliance, the Afiya Center, Fund Texas Choice, and the Lilith Fund, represented by the Austin attorney Patrick O’Connell and the Lawyering Project’s Steph­a­nie Toti – who brought you the SCOTUS victory in Hellerstedt – argued against the state’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit in an hourlong hearing before U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel.

Beth Klusmann, assistant solicitor general in the Texas Attorney General’s Office, accused the plaintiffs of attempting to upend the “entire state regulatory system” with “meritless claims.” Klusmann said it was “absurd” to argue that the slew of abortion rules in question pose an undue burden on women, and accused abortion funders – nonprofit assistance groups that help largely low-income women obtain care, often on a volunteer basis – of being motivated by financial interests rather than their clients’ best interests. They “want their dollar to stretch further,” said Klusmann of the plaintiffs.

Meanwhile, Toti argued for the plaintiffs that the string of restrictive laws has caused abortion in Texas to be less affordable, more stigmatized, and further out of reach logistically, especially for low-income women and people of color. The Hellerstedt ruling helped invalidate the grounds upon which several of Texas’ prior laws were upheld by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, making them now ripe for scrutiny. “Once upon a time, Texas had a reasonable regime to regulate abortion, but over time the state incrementally added more laws that became burdensome and unwieldy, making it incredibly difficult for patients and providers to navigate,” said Toti.

Before a packed courtroom, Yeakel, who often finds himself the arbiter in the state’s abortion wars, told both sides that their pleadings were a bit convoluted, although the oral arguments helped clear some of that confusion. Yeakel didn’t indicate when he’d rule on the motion, but said another option might be for the parties to re-plead the case so they could lay out the issues more clearly.

“We are proud to lead another legal challenge in Texas,” said Whole Woman’s Health CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller, decrying the state’s motion as “an evasive maneuver. … Tex­ans deserve better. Abortion care is health care, and we’re ready to make our case and get back to what we do best – providing dignified and compassionate health care.”

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