My Latest Abortion Video -Different Abortion Procedures; What To REALLY Expect

My internet sucks right now so videos may not be as I planned but I am going to try! 

Sometimes, sadly, it takes personal reminders and/or close calls to remind us we need to ensure we are still speaking out as vehemently as when this said topic was fresh in our lives. 

Abortion rights are back on the forefront with me as far as speaking out goes, I have been collecting massive amounts of research and such but with moves and doctors and more life crap going on I let it slip to the back. 

Along with too many serious things I am passion about, and will be vindicated by me as will this! 🙂 

Let me show you this time! 

So here is short video one of many more to come. Again, my net is slow. But, this is the current plan; hopefully it will prove to be a good starting over foundation for both my website(s) and videos/ YouTube page 🙂

See you guys soon! Be it blog or video… I will get this -and so much more- done. I am TRULY back. Don’t worry about believing that; I shall show you =) 


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