New York State Passes Abortion Bill Treating The Procedure As Health Care!

UPDATE: And guess what! It’s not a law that allows the killing of babies like anti’s are already trying to claim.

I am always proud of being from NYC; but on this my pride is overflowing. I realize I am a little late in announcing the news that New York has passed an abortion bill which will help women seeking anything regarding reproductive health; from contraceptives to abortions, insurance companies must treat these things as the type of issue they are: medical. 

The state of New York passed this law into legitamcy on the 46th anniversary of Roe V Wade, during a time when the federal government (and many uneducated state governments) are putting looking at abortion rights and women’s rights, waiting for the chance to snap their fingers and put us all back in danger of self abortion, suicide, preventable deaths by means of legal, safe abortion… They are not pro-life, they are pro-pregnancy.

The name of this act is the Reproductive Health Act. It is set to replace New York’s older abortion law which passed into legality three years before abortion was stated legal on a federal, nation wide level. Finally being acknowledged for the medical procedure that abortion is, this law rightfully has been removed from state penal codes and advanced to the section that deals with health matters; finally, abortion will be found within the health statues.

There are nine other states that include abortion access protection for women should this cruel tyrant administration make abortion, once again, illegal. These legal “backstops” will help save the lives of women and still grant us the medical care we need even if  Roe V Wade were to be overturned.

What a blessing… There IS some good out there… We just have to keep fighting and ensuring our support!

You can read the beautiful text in full, by clicking here. 

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