New York’s New Abortion Bill Does Not Allow “Murder”- Video & Text Here

late term or second trimester abortion my story

late term or second trimester abortion my story
Earlier, I posted this entry regarding the wonderful change in law the state of New York made for women’s health and abortion care, signing it into law symbolically on the day of the Roe V Wade‘s recent 46th anniversary, which decriminalized abortion. The above post also includes a link to the New York state abortion bill.

I should have known Anti’s would jump all over this and try to make claims of danger and murder, but I was so caught up with the victory of New York which has now become the 10th state to make abortion care and health care for women available to all. What a blessing that is!

This video was made after seeing someone already claiming that babies will be murdered under this new law. This new law is awesome, life saving and will help countless women now and in the event of the government actually reversing Roe V Wade. 

The bill supports late-term abortion if the women’s life is in danger. That was also legal PRIOR this new bill. However, anti’s are using it to try and confuse people into making them think this means women can have an abortion at any time, the day before she was to give birth even, if she so wanted. This is not true, this is not even realistic thinking. Doctors have more professionalism than that, women put more thought and emotion into abortion than spontaneously deciding she wants an abortion 2 days before she is to give birth 😐

Abortions are overwhelmingly done in the 1st trimester, though I cannot stress enough, late-term abortions is NOT murder. The sooner you abort the easier it is, but because anti’s are working so hard to deny us access to abortion providers money and travel becomes an additional issue, and time doesn’t slow down for this. Women know when they are not ready or when it is not time. That being said, a random woman shouting ‘give me an abortion’ in her last days of pregnancy is an absurd and irrational claim to make.

Abortion is not murder. Get over it. And thank you New York and all other 9 states who are standing up for what is right; and finally calling Abortion what it is; health care!

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