Antis Abuse Emotions to Avoid Medical Facts

This post on Facebook is so well written I’m just gonna share the explicit truth written:

Anti-choicers say abortion “kills babies” and “abortion is murder” because they don’t have a legitimate reason for why abortion shouldn’t be allowed. They deliberately use emotionally-charged language to manipulate people and garner attention for themselves, because no one would listen to them otherwise. It’s why they have to be so dramatic, because the reality of abortion isn’t that exciting.

Whether you like it or not, abortion is healthcare. Abortion is a necessity. Just because you yourself may not consider it, doesn’t mean others should be denied that decision. No one is obligated to stay pregnant. No one is entitled to be born. Pregnancy and childbirth can be very dangerous, not just for the body. They can also negatively impact a person’s mind, especially if the person is dealing with mental illness or trauma.

Anti-choicers want you to believe that abortion doesn’t empower anyone. They will say abortion takes away choices, and that it weakens and victimizes people. That is so far from the truth. Having the power to exercise autonomy, to make your own decisions about your body and your life, that is empowering. It is strength. It is survival. It is the definition of empowerment.

Forced abortion and forced pregnancy – that includes forced gestation – those do disempower and victimize people. They attack vulnerable individuals and make them feel helpless. It’s because of anti-choice efforts that people like Kermit Gosnell exist. When people don’t have a place to go, to have safe abortions by trained and licensed doctors, they’re injured or killed. People like Gosnell are predators. They are not doctors. Reproductive rights exist to prevent

Gosnells from preying on people.

No one has ever said abortion is perfect, but it is the perfect solution for anyone who wants it. Reproductive rights are human rights. Everyone deserves to have more than just two options. Everyone deserves the right and the freedom to make their own choices regarding their own bodies and lives. Everyone is different, and different things work for different people. Abortion is never going to end. It is as old as time. As long as pregnancy exists, so will abortion. You can’t end abortion without banning pregnancy, and to outlaw either one is a grave human rights violation.

Original brilliant post – found here.

One thought on “Antis Abuse Emotions to Avoid Medical Facts

  1. Very good article indeed. It stipulates what should happen. If you want to terminate you should be allowed and helped to do so. If you do not want to terminate, that is your life too.

    As I write this, a girl has been arrested after dumping a child in a pit. She surely did not want to keep this baby. She was forced by circumstances beyond her control. She is a criminal now. She should be allowed to end the pregnancy than keep it to term and dump it in a pit.

    Women who are forced to have babies become so desperate and do the most heinous things that can be avoided with termination.

    Keep termination legal, easy and safe.

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