Title X, Abortion & Trump Zombies.

The above is so true. You are no less of a woman; not a bad woman, not a murderer or slut… you are a good person being attacked by anti lifers. Which shows you have done something right. No matter what you choose…

YOU DECIDE BASES ON TRUTH AND INDEPENDENT KNOWLEDGE; something anti’s lack. But we have plenty of for we do not aim to persuade you or make the choice for you ; just give you the truthful info. (We being all pro/choice aka the real pro/life)

So Trump & the mindless zombie crew want to get rid of Title X; which is extremely important. He also wants to replace planned parenthood, which 1) offers more than abortion to pregnant women and 2) does way more than abort :/ (not that aborting is wrong, just sharing how little they know)-

He wants to criminalize and demonize women for taking responsibility for life and his mindless lackeys creep along behind him.

If these people were truly PRO-LIFE they wouldn’t want women dying. And until they can give us medical and scientific research from globally respected organizations, universities and doctors; they have nothing but an opinion based on their selfish thoughts and lack of a life.

Here is some info on what’s happening ♥️stay strong ladies ABORTION NEVER WAS NEVER WILL BE MURDER.

Thank God! Let’s just hope it’s legal & safe;, aka, proLIFE

Reproductive rights groups were outraged when the Trump administration announced plans to cut off family planning funds for healthcare providers that offer abortions. Now they’re headed to court to battle the new rule.

At least three groups have announced plans to sue over the measure, which would effectively ban providers like Planned Parenthood from receiving funds through Title X—a federal program to help low-income Americans access family planning services.

The new rule will significantly disrupt the Title X program and moves it drastically away from what its central purpose is,,” ACLU senior staff attorney Ruth Harlow told The Daily Beast. “So we’re filing suit to try to keep the Title X program in its role as a really effective safety net and as a very effective healthcare-providing program.”

The new rule would prohibit providers who receive Title X funding from performing or referring patients for abortions, and would require clinics that receive federal funds be physically and financially separate from those that offer the procedure. Critics say this would prevent doctors from dispensing accurate medical advice to patients and defund clinics that provide abortions alongside contraceptives, STD checks and other reproductive health services.

The Department of Health and Human Services posted the final version of the rule online Friday. It will now be submitted to the Federal Register and take effect after 60 days.The ACLU plans to file suit on behalf of the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association once the rule is submitted. Harlow said they would also file for a preliminary injunction shortly thereafter. She said she believes the measure violates limits on agency action and contradicts what Congress has said about the program.

Congress has made very clear that they want any patient that walks into a Title X family planning program to receive full information, if she happens to be pregnant, about what her options are and to receive the information that her medical providers deem appropriate,” Harlow said.

The Center for Reproductive Rights also announced plans Friday to file suit on behalf of Maine Family Planning, the state’s oldest and largest reproductive health care organization.

And across the country in Washington, the state attorney general’s office announced plans Monday to sue on behalf of more than 90,000 patients who received care through Title X in 2017—more than half of them at or below the federal poverty line. 

One of few Christians I could see me ever get

along with. This is a real man and he actually

acts like a”Jesus” says; with love & compassion!

Go figure..

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