Is Abortion a Sin?… No, In Short. Why?

REPOST…. Still so very true…

img_2106.jpgAnswering another question from Quora* I am doing this for Christian or religious women who feel guilty -due to lies and wrong treatment form their community and the like. Again, I am no Christian, but I know what they claim to believe. 

Before I post it though, let me be clear, when I say if your God judges your heart blah blah, I am NOT agreeing that it is a sin, I am just quoting back at her what I know her book says, as another example of why abortion is in fact not a sin in her religion :

So, being that I am not a christian, but I see how Christian women are impacted… I feel real men (and women) who are also christians but actually practice what they study would be able to reach this group of women more.

My favorite to go to is Dr. Parker for he is so devoted to Christianity yet at the same time science and truth. He speaks truth and he treats women with the respect and kindness women deserve. Though I’m not a Christian I have read the bible quiet a few times.

Abortion is not mentioned nor does Jesus teach them to go out and be cruel.

abortion is not pro-life pro-choice is the moral way to go

I think I am going to read some of Dr. Parkers writings from his latest book here in the very near future….mainly because I hope at least some of these women can break free from the bond that religion has on them.

Not saying I hope they lose faith; because if they had faith they would act like the one they are supposed to be following, Jesus : ugh . Dr. Parker is a wonderful soul; may he be blessed and protected; along with all other life saving doctors.

The link to this question sent to me is found, here. Mind you, others answered, I don’t bother reading. You know what those sort of people are going to be saying and doing to try and get any female they can to feel horrible. It’s lies and I’ve been through that too many times with all kinds of anti’s; I don’t argue no more. It goes around in circles; no where productive- why waste my, or your, time?

Post & my answer:

abortion is a good thing

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