Abortion Video; Anti-Abortionnists Are Not About Pro-Life in Any Form

Anti-abortionists know child birth is more risky than a safe aka legal abortion. They know securing the females life when abortion is kept legal is virtually a guarantee and they also know the fatalities and risks of unsafe abortions (aka, illegal) but this is not about life to them, and this is solid proof.

Knowing the death rise in women due to unsafe/illegal abortions doesn’t bother them. They continue trying to hurt women (protests do virtually nothing in terms of changing a woman’s mind, thank God, statistics show) by lying, degrading and verbally/emotionally abusing.

Women will abort if we feel it is the right thing to do; legal or not. History and modern day alike; the proof is there. We see that between img_3751the years when abortion was made illegal to Roe V Wade women died unnecessarily and would have otherwise lived.

But they also show their lack of care for real life when they don’t mention, look after, help or consider that high number of women already have children when they have an abortion, so an illegal abortion gone wrong means a family broken.

In the below video I read what that was like for one man who lost his mother due to her trying to self abort and not knowing how much she needed in order to do what medical professionals should have been doing.

His voice is very important; he speaks for a great deal of at risk children in America if the anti-lifers continue deceiving their way into law based on lies and self-created claims.

If you respect life, why do you want a woman to die? Is it truly so hard to simply disagree and go help living, breathing children who are in need; be they orphans, foster kids or abused and poverty stricken children. And that’s just off of the top of my head. They never step up against real problems, they only step to the one they create in their own insane, cruel minds.

And even if they hate us so bad for controlling our bodies; why do they want to damn a child like this man was damned- his family ripped apart by what could have been a 15 minute procedure in a clinic… Had they been legal.

And this is the life the government and nutty people are defending? Wait, what life? … I see them defending nothing but their own falsity and desperate need for superiority. They have no care, no concern and no love for life or quality of life would matter. Not to mention, having a child is a huge, life changing event… This is not an area they should be allowed to invade!

I love this.

And don’t let them fool you or guilt you with religion. I am not a Christian but I have read the bible and I assure you, Jesus would not behave like these insane creatures. Don’t believe me, try reading some of the Christian who realized abortion was indeed no sin and is standing up for women’s right to abort, while providing them and being a devote Christian.

I highly suggest his book on being a Christian and how, and why, he not only changed his mind on abortion, but shares the fact that it through the divine he realized this. Too bad more Christians are hypocrites…just remember, their fear tactics and abuse is not true. ABORTION IS NOT MURDER AND YOU ARE NOT A BAD WOMAN! These are the sort of people you need if you are a Christian; not the fake ones who only want to scare, harm or control you.


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