As Anti-Abortion Deceit & Abuse Puts Women & Life At Risk, Please, ALL Women, Remember This FACT (Video)

[NOTE:  While I am spiritual, let me make it clear: I am NOT a Christian, but I do know what their ‘savior’ teaches, and I do know only a FEW, such as Dr. Parker, actually practice what they preach…So for any women who are christian’s and hearing hurtful LIES; please look into his book, his interviews, writings and work….]
As these INSANE, cruel, deceitful lies are trying to be pushed back into law, sending us back in time- to a time of women dying unnecessarily because of lack of access to the legal medical procedure known as abortion I hope all women -especially thoseIMG_1770seeking or considering abortion, who have had an abortion, whatever the situation… I hope you will keep the following words in mind be it my video or the writing that follows. This is a very scary time for women, but abortion will always be there, and history proves the only thing banning it does is kill women who otherwise would have lived.

And they are using these anti-life freaks to try and make women feel less than they are. DO NOT BUY INTO IT! 

These woman hating, non-medical, non-scientific, non-moral proposed bills are like those who propose and support them: inhumane and psycho. We see this in “people” just like Trump and the current admin, and all those who support these death penalty, life in prison, heartbeat, personhood, and all other anti-LIFE (aka, anti-abortion and anti-woman legislature).

As all this is going on please remember, you are not a bad woman, abortion is NOT murder; BE PROUD that you are strong enough to do the right thing (if abortion is/was right for you… DO NOT be ashamed! You are being responsible. A child is a HUGE, life changing (or it should be) ordeal. And unless you want that, and can do that, and are prepared for all that you have to give up and all that the potential life will go through… I believe anything other than abortion is wrong. If a child is unwanted, it should not be, like me, brought into this world to be damaged, broken and abused, neglected, harmed and forgotten. ALL children deserve love and family. A mother.

Be proud that you care enough for yourself and for life and that you are strong enough to take responsibility instead of conforming to your “role” as an incubator. [note: of course if you want a child this doesn’t apply to you. so if you are one of the many moronic anti’s img_3750-1who stalk my pages, don’t bother trying to waste my time… You all say the same pathetic thing, and you all have made it clear you don’t and can’t follow what I just said and grasp the fact that abortion is a medical procedure; it is health care, and god how I wish we could remove their deceit and abuse for women deserve better- HUMANITY deserves better… But for health care and life, women especially deserve more than lies and deceit, hate, and harassment.

Pro Life ? That is to be Pro QUALITY of life, which is to be pro-choice which is to be, for REAL pro-choicers, like me, to be pro-ABORTION (meaning, if you want one, no need to explain; it’s totally normal and it’s yours)- Anti-abortionists are NOT pro-life…. As I explain briefly below the video. Oh, I don’t think I mention it but let us not forget, the violent attacks and murders these proLIFERS commit. …. You have a brain please use it… Don’t fall victim to this… sickness…

Women deserve better.

*Ignore my sloppy writing style lol, i was going to post this on facebook but decided to do it here as it turned into a rather long – and so true- post. so!

Yep! i post this randomly and semi often lol but as i keep anyone interested waiting for new video and blogs, etc, i wanna make sure this video especially (antis tried to get it banned on youtube; failed tho when i appealed it). i do not regret ANY of my abortions; i do use birth control, sadly, it doesnt always work. and even if i didnt- it is no ones choice or business but my own whether i bring an innocent being into the world. abortion is not murder; it stops the process of the development of a POTENTIAL (for no1 knows you won’t miscarry etc) life. 2 late term, 1 1st trimester; i believe in QUALITY of life – not controlling others, judging others, gossiping, abusing, deceiving, etc….

please remember, you are not a murderer, sinner, evil, slut, bad woman, less of awoman, etc… if you do what you know is right and if that is abortion, then rock on- you are a GOOD and strong woman. don’t let ppl who dont have to deal with things after those 9 months ruin you-and the potential innocent childs- future. do what YOU know is best. and you do know inside. abortion is but a medical procedure…anti’s do not care for life- if they did….

where are they with all the kids who are alive and need a home, love, help etc? … where are they when the cops abuse or kill children? or stray bullets in violent neighborhoods?…. they want to control women, and they could not care 2 fks about the well being of you or anyone but feeling ‘better than’ when in fact, they are LESS than.

anyone who has to resort to their tactics of lying, creating false clinics, pretending to be doctors, pretending to have scientific evidence, abusing women verbally, mentally and emotionally, trying to get women to give their developing embryo or fetus up for sale before it is even born with an emotional guilt trip….
creating fake images of alleged unborn “babies” which is a sick psycho JOKE!… not giving a damn who they hurt and not knowing one damn thing about medicine, or personal boundaries. not to mention, failing to give full information on all options including not informing fully the damage of adoption, the pros of abortion, the pros and cons of raising a child… or how about offering to help her as a new mother if she wants keeps it and not pushing for her 2 put it into the failing adoption world that brings in a billion annually in the US alone….. name calling… trying to use guilt and fear tactics…..

i could go on, and on.

but please think about it. anyone on any topic that has to resort to these things is not someone to listen to- you are not the cruel names they say, you are not doing any thing wrong or evil; you are not the first, and abortion is not new and it was not always shunned, even in america. but more on that another time.
don’t let cruelty keep you from doing what is best for yourself and the future; whatever that may be. a child is a big deal; something these soulless people seem to not be able to comprehend.

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