My Response 2 the Antilife Christians on Abortion & to Remind all Others: ABORTION IS NOT MURDER OR WRONG !

This is a reply I wrote an anti. Ignore typos as I’m on my phone and autocorrect is annoying lolz. This is in reply to a typical anti choice, religious bs claim against abortion.

I am intentionally not posting her lies here because I do not allow lies, deceit, or hypocrisy and hate on my page

my reply.

I dont see the Bible saying anywhere that abortion is bad, or murder. Being such a big issue, I’d think he’d have said it. Also, regardless of ur view, u talk about your bible?? Umm I’m not a Christian but I am certain ur Christ would talk to me before you as I don’t misrepresent him or his teachings. I’ve studied Jesus and his word in depth, and never would he act like your sort. So don’t come here acting like you’re some sort of good “god fearing Christian”, ur a hypocrite who doesn’t understand medicine or science, apparently.

Also, how can you say that an organism that’s DEVELOPING – is a life when it can easily split into 3,4+ children separate? Later in pregnancy?? just examples. That makes no sense; know why? Because just like you, it’s a convenient, problematic medical lie.

If you study abortion or any obg yn related (or women’s health. Period.) you learn it isn’t until the 3rd trimester-and late, even at that, with most when life starts” that a) life is viable b) finally at mid-late 3rd, it finally doesn’t need a host i.e. a LIFE to maintain the DEVELOPMENT of an ORGANISM that COULD become a baby.

If your god knows all? Future and past? And If abortion is so bad? Why would he allow aborted ORGANISMS ? If u even have a reply to that u sicken me as ur speaking for who u call god, and assuming as ur book does not define life. Taking a breath does not define “life,” in an embryo or fetus.

most -1st breaths I interestingly want to note r considered to be when the woman births the child and he, TAKES HIS FIRST BREATH. Not to mention babies r born blueish-red coloration bc they dont take THEIR first breath until out the womb.

U need to leave ur OPINIONS out of medicine and science or at least be moral enough to own up to what u r; which is like all ur sort:

A lying, deceitful, fire and brimstone religious *hypocrite* u want to support life but u don’t support women ?

U don’t gotta support abortion idc no one cares. But for us who needed or need it, IF U DID CARE FOE LIFE -which u don’t, that’s #blatantAF!

You would care that

1) women are true living and breathing lives,

The rate of abortion does not go down when made illegal, history in America and internationally in present day this is very much the proven a fact and indisputable. Along with many other u ignore.

Additionally women will continue to have abortion – when it is legal 99.9% of women do not die when it is illegal one in three women still get an abortion but a great percent of those women die unnecessary deaths; yet you want to see you support life?

I get that you were just abortion I respect that or I would if you would stop harassing women and abusing and attacking women who don’t need to hear your opinion because I have facts, do you have any? What you have and all u and ur sort have for so called “facts” is *Opinions* your own personally created “science” which is NOT respected or acknowledged bY medical journalss studies or organizations ANYWHERE in the world.

But i on the other hand have facts. That’s one-of our differences .. that and I have an education and morals… and u have an opinion, & lack that “Jesus” trait.

7 thoughts on “My Response 2 the Antilife Christians on Abortion & to Remind all Others: ABORTION IS NOT MURDER OR WRONG !

  1. I really cannot understand the thinking of the antichoicers. It is tiny. It does not think. It does not feel anything. It looks more like a tadpole than a baby. And yet you think it is a precious human life?? You know who really ARE innocent human lives? Syrian refugees. Victims of gun violence. Victims of domestic abuse. Please show us you care about ALL human life!

    1. Ps; I don’t get their thinking either- I’m starting to think it given it must not fall under the categories of logic or emotion their “thoughts” are not qualified as thinking in actuality 🧐…. and so, those of us who DO think & care for REAL life, we jus can’t understand their lies and hatful hypocrisy bc we don’t understand the language of the dullards

      1. (note) don’t bring my self hatred in when you are even more ignorant about that than anything else. the reason i live is my confidence and love to spread truth and help others. so before you start claiming things , try learning first.

  2. Tysm for ur reply and for reading!! I agree 100% as a human being, a soul and a survivor of lifelong DV & losing too many friends to guns 🙏 ur so right I wish more ppl were like you and would try to use their heart and mind; if they have either one.
    Ur comment is appreciated 💖 as are you.! Hope you will stay around 🙂 be blessed🙌🙌🙌

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