We Need To Be Ready For What’s To Come Now…

With things going as they have been in "politics" growing ever increasingly terrifying for any and all form of human rights, I absolutely believe women need to learn about safe abortion care and we need to be learning how to help one another during times of abortion because banning abortion does NOT make it go … Continue reading We Need To Be Ready For What’s To Come Now…


Video- Crisis Pregnancy Centers New Attack in Deception

Anti-choicers have been lying for a very long time, but it is on a whole other level and it's vital people know... Their new thing is to buy up old clinics and convert them, but leave it so they appear to be real clinics...only coming out with the truth once they are sure you are … Continue reading Video- Crisis Pregnancy Centers New Attack in Deception

Women Deserve Better Than Crisis Pregnancy Center Lies; California Takes Step Back

This enrages me! Though California has at least tried, recently a bill which attempted to add some protection for women when going to a fake clinic -as it usually happens to women who are unaware that the 'clinic' is fake. That is no longer how things are, however. That small gain was taken away from … Continue reading Women Deserve Better Than Crisis Pregnancy Center Lies; California Takes Step Back

Video- 5 Anti-Life / Anti-Choice Myths Exposed

Five claims anti's want you to believe are true... As they buy former medical facilities, lie both online, on the phone and in person until they feel the female is vulnerable enough to spring on her that she is insane for wanting an abortion. Women all across America are being violated, innocent - children- are … Continue reading Video- 5 Anti-Life / Anti-Choice Myths Exposed

Let’s Take a Look at Fake Clinics… DANGER

Discussed below is a topic we all need to be on top of and be preparing for in the event that the psycho's in government do indeed ban abortion more than they have already.  Women contact me asking for help on dosages, brands and other things... I tried to call and get a nurse or … Continue reading Let’s Take a Look at Fake Clinics… DANGER

I’m Back To Stay, Important Info

I first want to apologize for my insanely inconsistent posting of both writings and videos over the past year, at least. I have come back multiple times thinking I would be able to juggle activism, my personal life (which has been a struggle), writing and other things in addition to keeping this and my other … Continue reading I’m Back To Stay, Important Info

Taken to Soon, Never Forget, Philander Castile

Think on this.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

I’ve had this posted on the side of my blog for awhile… And thanks to Philander Castile, his life taken from us far too soon, has paid for all “lunch debt” the school system had made outstanding… All 56 schools in the St. Paul, MN area. This is just a reminder post so we always remember Philander Castile for the good he did and does; but also to remember we are at war against hate and racism- there is no time to sleep. The good die young for a reason and that has to change…

“Philando Feeds the Children,” a fundraiser in memory of school cafeteria supervisor Philando Castile, who was shot and killed by a police officer in 2016, has paid all outstanding student lunch debt at all 56 schools in the St. Paul, Minn., Public School system.

“Philando is STILL reaching into his pocket, and helping a…

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Discussing Late Term Abortions – New Video

I find it annoying and frustrating when people talk about late-term abortion saying how rare it is... Of course, it is a good thing most abortions take place before the second trimester mark for the sooner any procedure is done, the better it is and the safer it is -AGAIN THAT IS ANY! PROCEDURE. But because … Continue reading Discussing Late Term Abortions – New Video

ABORTION Not Adoption; Why?

Well said... And the topic of not only an upcoming video or two, as well as a blog or two, but also touches on the main topic of my upcoming book 🙂 More info coming shortly! Facts... Before people make any choice, we should know the facts and what's sad is we don't learn them … Continue reading ABORTION Not Adoption; Why?

South Dakota GOP Wants to Force Abortion Patients to Visit Fake Clinics

Abortion - Abortion Clinics, Abortion Pill, Abortion Information

“This bill attempts to make an extreme law—one that does not exist anywhere else in the country, and has already been declared to likely be found unconstitutional—even more extreme.”

Anti-choice politicians in South Dakota are attacking the state’s last abortion clinic to score political points at taxpayer expense, according to reproductive rights advocates.

At the center of the controversy is state-directed informed consent counseling required before a person can receive abortion care—counseling currently offered at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Three dozen South Dakota Republican lawmakers have signed onto legislation calling for a “mandatory pregnancy help center consultation” prior to the common medical procedure. A state Senate committee advanced the bill on Friday, and it could come for a floor vote Tuesday, according

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