I’m Back To Stay, Important Info

I first want to apologize for my insanely inconsistent posting of both writings and videos over the past year, at least. I have come back multiple times thinking I would be able to juggle activism, my personal life (which has been a struggle), writing and other things in addition to keeping this and my other … Continue reading I’m Back To Stay, Important Info

NY State Puts ACA-Like Health Regulation in Place for Women

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), created by President Obama, women received much needed contraception coverage. With the ACA under explicit attack by Donald Trump and his sort, there is at least one state looking out for women’s rights. I’m proud to say that state is New York, where thankfully, women need not fear too much. NY state has officially created a new … Continue reading NY State Puts ACA-Like Health Regulation in Place for Women

Amy Hagstrom Miller on Today’s FDA Mifepristone Announcement

Today’s FDA announcement of a label change to Mifepristone is a significant advancement for women in the United States.  All of us at Whole Woman’s Health are thrilled that the updated FDA labeling reflects evidence based care that is best for women. People who visit our clinics deserve options for abortion care without worrying about medically unnecessary obstacles and this change allows for more women to get the care they deserve.
We are particularly encouraged that this updated labeling could expand the availability of abortion in Texas, where  anti-choice politicians continue to interfere in women’s personal health decisions, enacting laws such as HB2 that deny women the ability to make their own decisions about whether and when to become a parent.
Prior to HB2, 40 to 50% of our patients at Whole Woman’s Health chose medication abortion. Since HB2 went into effect, that figure has decreased dramatically. For the past two years only…

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Planned Parenthood Taking Deceitful Attackers to Court

I had my second abortion via the abortion pill at Planned Parenthood. I thank the universe for them and the place I had my late-term abortion daily. No regrets, only many thanks to these brave souls. They deserve so much more than they receive. Hopefully justice will prevail, for once. Original article link at bottom. … Continue reading Planned Parenthood Taking Deceitful Attackers to Court