Jan 22 Upcoming Counter Protests Calling All Pro-Choice Activists, We Need You!

First, I apologize, again, for the long delay in my posts and to all the emails I have yet to respond to. There are so many people I need to respond to, and posts I need to post. Please understand I have a lot of activities I do that people don't always see as well … Continue reading Jan 22 Upcoming Counter Protests Calling All Pro-Choice Activists, We Need You!

December First Pit Bulls & Rottweilers Set to Die in One Small Town…The Reason?

This has nothing to do with abortion, but is an urgent message I am hoping to get across to as may people as possible… This link will take you to one of my other websites….please sign the petition to stop the killing set for december 1st… or share, raise awareness… please … do something… Thank you ❤
+ and as a PS, I am reorganizing all of my websites, including the one above and this one- please ignore the massive messes and delays as I try to sort it all out properly 🙂 Thanks….

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

I thought I was reading a joke at first, a sick one, but surely, I thought, surely this wouldn’t happen. But oh yes, it is real and it is set to happen in 30 days; the slaughter of all Pit Bulls and Rottweilers in a town in Louisiana. Innocent, loving dogs. The reason for this call to kill? There is no reason, there is only an ignorant, fear based excuse that “these dogs are running around freely” and “people are afraid to walk around their own neighborhoods”. So this small town in Louisiana wants to remove both Pkilling pit bulls rottweilers in la helpit Bulls and Rottweilers; they want to kill them.

Ever heard of a leash law?  If you read my post yesterday regarding Pit Bulls (all of which applies to Rottweilers too, they are mistaken as evil being when they are NOT), you will remember there is far more violent, dangerous…

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