My Abortion Story

Earlier video where I speak on my late-term abortion is below the following more recent, 2017 video of my abortion story. :)This is the latest video and shares more and is a bit longer, covering more reasons why no one should think they’ve done bad or killed “someone” when having an abortion (because abortion does NOT equal murder! You end a developmental process; not a living being).

Though abortion is not right for everyone, it was and is right for me at the current time. Below is a brief (despite its length lol) video regarding my late term abortion and why I do not regret it.

Remember, you are not a bad woman. You are not a murderer.

Listen to no one but yourself; you know the answer
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4 thoughts on “My Abortion Story

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and for your excellent site and for all that you do to get this important message out to all women. My dear aunt became pregnant at 42 before abortion was safe and legal. She suffered from depression and cried all day. Her husband let her cry and did not even seem to comfort her. He got her some pills to get rid of it. Quinine I think, but they did not work. She continued to cry and have suicidal thoughts. She even threw herself down stairs to get rid of the fetus. Still no luck. But I’m sure she also loved it like you because then she must have felt guilt that she had harmed it. At eight months of pregnancy she successfully ended her life. She did not have the options available that we have now. So now she is gone and so is the precious fetus. You are so right to not even entertain the thoughts of the antis or get trapped in their rhetoric. No need to justify it to anyone else. Patriarchy killed my aunt. All the best in getting this important message out to all women everywhere.

    1. first, i wish i could give you the biggest hug… thank you so much for telling you aunt’s tragic story… it breaks my heart what she had to go through; i could go on and on but she sounds very much like me in a lot of ways… i tried anything i could too. oh i am so sorry she succeeded, no woman should have to get to that point due to a pregnancy. what worries me is those who are trying to make it like that again. but with the internet i hope no matter what we can find ways to help women in these situations to not overdose and also to get help they need. i know what i would have done had i been turned away, and it is a huge fear that women who need it for any reason but especially for depression & other mental conditions. women go through so much more than we get credit for, and there is nothing wrong with not being able to handle a pregnancy… again thank you so much for your kind words, i can’t tell you how much hearing from you means to me. Also, thank you sooo much for sharing you aunt’s story… i am sorry for the pain that the injustice system inflicted upon you, your family and of course you aunt ❤ i am dedicated to try and make sure we never go back to that kind of world. ❤ sending you tons of love and hugs!

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