Anti-Choice Deceptive Online Advertising & Crisis Pregnancy Centers 2017 (America & England)

Below are resources regarding the 2017 update on Crisis Pregnancy Centers and the abuse of women, lies and deception, misinformation and bias used and told to women seeking abortion or to learn of all her options. I have included the American CPC report, and the report for those in England; both are highly disturbing and … Continue reading Anti-Choice Deceptive Online Advertising & Crisis Pregnancy Centers 2017 (America & England)

Another Reason Anti-choicers Are Truly Anti-LIFE

Originally posted on my Medium account. Regarding all these anti-life aka anti-abortion laws being put in place to attempt and stop women from abortion has me so angry towards the name these nuts use: pro-life!? This is absolutely disgusting though sadly not surprising.Once again, these laws are just further proof of what I say and … Continue reading Another Reason Anti-choicers Are Truly Anti-LIFE

Over-the-counter abortion? Why not?

Abortion Gang

Access to abortion services is becoming more and more difficult around the country, and remains problematic worldwide. One potential way to improve access for the majority of women who need abortion services in the first 9 weeks of pregnancy would be to make the medications that induce abortion available over-the-counter at pharmacies nationwide.

Medical abortion (see below for a detailed definition, but for our purposes, an abortion that is completed at home, with just pills rather than a procedure in a clinic) is an extremely safe and effective way to end unintended pregnancies. The most effective regimen, a combination of misoprostol and mifepristone, works up to 98% of the time. In other words, 98% of women who take these two drugs correctly to induce an abortion at up to 9 weeks after their last menstrual period will expel their pregnancy completely, with no medical intervention whatsoever. So why not take the providers out of the equation?  It would certainly make abortion far…

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15 Additional Felony Charges Against AntiAbortion Group that Targeted Planned Parenthood

 "As we have said from the beginning, and as more than a dozen different state investigations have made clear: Planned Parenthood has done nothing wrong, and the only people who broke the law are those behind the fraudulent tapes,” Carter said. The same group of anti-abortionists, anti-choice, anti-truth, anti-life liars whom tried to slander Planned … Continue reading 15 Additional Felony Charges Against AntiAbortion Group that Targeted Planned Parenthood

Black & Hispanic Children Missing, Media, Government Silent, #HelpUsFindUs

All the people who claim they love life and love children but are not upset, outraged and trying to do everything possible to assist in finding these children as well as what is really going on, are not pro-LIFE.
I hate using this as an example of reasons anti’s are truly not pro-life but it’s a sick truth. Their loud protests could be put to use for once if they got out and did some protesting for actual human beings; CHILDREN… for cases like this. This is a pro-life case, rather, caseS. Every voice counts, please share and see how you can get involved. Information to start with follows and will continue to be updated.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

Please make sure you share this flyer for a vigil being held for the missing children in Washington D.C.., As much information as possible needs to be shared and seen by any and everyone so no one can play the ignorant card truthfully. And perhaps someone will even step up and help out these missing kids!
First of all, I was amazed to learn of the Rilya Alert, which is like the Amber Alert and does not seek to replace it, but instead it aims to be an extension of it for non-white children who are -as we clearly see- extremely under represented in the media as well as by government officials, despite the fact that an overwhelming number of kids missing are not white. You can check out Rilya Alert here.
amber alert missing children in washington dc.pngForprofit media is -not surprisingly- giving no play to this issue happening in
Washington D.C..
If you know…

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Religious Women Have Abortions; Then Deceived w/ Lies That It’s a “Sin” or “Murder”- Dr. Parker, Christian, Tells Truth

Despite my being a person who is very spiritual but not at all of the Christian religion, I am so happy to see such an outspoken Christian talking about abortion care and abortion rights. Sadly, his life, like all abortion providers lives, is put on the line every single day simply because he chooses to … Continue reading Religious Women Have Abortions; Then Deceived w/ Lies That It’s a “Sin” or “Murder”- Dr. Parker, Christian, Tells Truth

Abortion Providers, Clinics Facing Escalated Anti-Abortion Violence

Anti-Abortionists have been violently, at times fatally, harassing and assaulting abortion providers and abortion clinics too often over the past years since Roe V Wade began. So it's no surprise these deceitful, immoral 'people' are still around, but what is shocking is the latest research findings which has found that the rate of violence against American abortion … Continue reading Abortion Providers, Clinics Facing Escalated Anti-Abortion Violence

Please Stand Up for Health Care for ALL

This post is about the moron Trump's continued attack on anything progressive; the main point of this post being health care and medicaid access or denial for millions, men and women. Speaking of women in this I have to mention the progress we had made for women with President Obama as he made moves to help take care … Continue reading Please Stand Up for Health Care for ALL

Anti-Abortion Violence on the Rise-

A quick post linking you to vital information on the domestic terrorist attacks abortion clinics have been facing, as you can see by the image above. Please click here to read more on this.  It will open in a separate tab. Thank you, and please spread this. This is not pro-life, this is not even about … Continue reading Anti-Abortion Violence on the Rise-

Is Abortion Murder? No.

I've been away for a while as I've been busy and sick as well (bronchitis, related to my childhood, nothing to do with abortion as anti-logic, anti-life, anti-choicers may want you to think). I received another hate comment which, I admit I did not read in full for I was laughing half through the first … Continue reading Is Abortion Murder? No.