Texas, Abortion and Funding

Not only was it the Lilith fund that helped fund my life saving abortion (or I would have died by my own hand) but they help countless women every year. Please read the following, click the link for its entirety and consider making a donation... Please. Imagine if it is you in dire need of … Continue reading Texas, Abortion and Funding

Amy Hagstrom Miller on Today’s FDA Mifepristone Announcement

Today’s FDA announcement of a label change to Mifepristone is a significant advancement for women in the United States.  All of us at Whole Woman’s Health are thrilled that the updated FDA labeling reflects evidence based care that is best for women. People who visit our clinics deserve options for abortion care without worrying about medically unnecessary obstacles and this change allows for more women to get the care they deserve.
We are particularly encouraged that this updated labeling could expand the availability of abortion in Texas, where  anti-choice politicians continue to interfere in women’s personal health decisions, enacting laws such as HB2 that deny women the ability to make their own decisions about whether and when to become a parent.
Prior to HB2, 40 to 50% of our patients at Whole Woman’s Health chose medication abortion. Since HB2 went into effect, that figure has decreased dramatically. For the past two years only…

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Abortion Questions Answered (From MY Experience)

These are answers given from my experience; remember, all reactions are normal and okay. Listen to your doctor and as noted, please take your anti-biotic. Please don't feel shame or guilt. You've done nothing wrong! Questions Answered Part 1 (Mainly about late term and abortion pill... I talk a lot and am not the best … Continue reading Abortion Questions Answered (From MY Experience)

Emergency for Texas Women, Please Help Whole Woman’s Health & Please Spread the Word!

When I read the email below I felt my heat drop. Texas is becoming an anti-woman state; this country following fast. What are we as women going to do? We have to come up with a plan so that we never go back to the days before Roe V Wade. It'd be nice if we … Continue reading Emergency for Texas Women, Please Help Whole Woman’s Health & Please Spread the Word!