What Is It To Be Pro-Abortion?

I first want to note, yes, I am pro-choice. I believe all women should have access to the truth regarding abortions, adoptions and also access to family planning to prepare herself for motherhood if she so desires. So, what does pro-abortion mean?  

Well for one it means I support quality of life over forced motherhood. It means I trust women and believe it is no one else’s business for it is her body. It means I support both the woman and potential child in having GOOD lives…if the woman feels abortion is the way to go, I support her 100%. I am here to remind her there is no shame in abortion. Abortion is not murder. Abortion does not make a woman less than any other.

I also believe any reason the woman states for wanting an abortion is sufficient. I don’t believe she should have to state one but if one must be given… Be it “I don’t want to have a baby now (or ever)” to “I can’t handle it” to “I can’t provide emotionally/mentally/physically/financially/etc” to “I was r*ped” and every other reason in between is just as acceptable as the prior. Abortion takes courage, and takes a loving soul to do what they know inside is right.

Hand in hand with pro-abortion is quality of life. And hand in hand with quality of life is PRO-LIFE. Let me explain.

Quality of life means, for the well being of the woman and possible child. In this case it is the environment the possible child will be born into and raised in…which is vital. Children are not punishment for having sex like so many Anti’s try to make people think.
Additionally, being pro-quality of life means, again, for the well being of both, considering whether or not the mother is ready and/or wants to have a baby, is ready to have a baby (or another baby) and/or if she is physically AND mentally healthy enough for the pregnancy matters greatly. If a fetus is diagnosed to be born only to die a horrible death within minutes, of course abortion –if that’s what the mother wants- is right! 

Realizing the 9 months of pregnancy are nothing compared with the 18+ years of raising and caring for a child. It takes a strong and a real woman to ask hard questions about the future and make the best choice based on those answers…but that is what loving, real women do. And that goes for all women who consider the future for themselves and the to be child; no matter if they choose to give birth, adoption or abortion.

I am Pro-Abortion because Pro-Abortion means there is nothing wrong with aborting an unwanted pregnancy. The word “unwanted” gets a lot of attacks from anti’s yet why don’t they take into consideration what it is like to BE the unwanted child…as I was?

GIVING BIRTH BRINGS AN ACTUAL LIFE INTO THIS WORLD; THIS IS A HUGE RESPONSIBILITY. It SHOULD require thought! A woman knows what is best; not me, not you. But if she decides abortion is right, that’s her choice and she is NOT bad or wrong for it Forced pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy being forced to term harms the development of the fetus to be child’s brain structure as well as the environment in which it is brought into.

Being pro-abortion is to support ALL responses to pregnancy, but to me it also is to SUPPORT & REMIND WOMEN WHO ABORT OR CONSIDER ABORTION: YOU ARE NOT EVIL, YOU ARE NOT LESS OF A WOMAN, YOU ARE NO MURDERER, NOT EVIL, NOT A SINNER…YOU’VE DONE NO WRONG!… Abortion and a woman’s right to make that choice fully and without exception.

It is not my place to judge anymore than it is yours. I am here to remind women of that. Just as anti-choicer’s are here because they like to try demeaning and verbally/emotionally abusing women for having abortions. They have placed a stigma on the term. I refuse to let them openly lie, stigmatize and disgrace a medical procedure for women simply because their personal beliefs are right and anything else is EVIL -these ‘beliefs’ I may add, are based on nothing with substance nor factual research.