Anti-Choice Myths & Lies, Part 1 -Women Deserve Better; We Deserve the Truth & Respect!

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So, as noted on Facebook and Twitter alike I was working on
like 4 different blog posts covering but a few of the lies and deceit anti’s are using on women, have used on women and new tactics they are trying out on women… I plan on making at least one video, and a handful more posts today, with facts and citations for those who respect real research and professionals…

Not people who have the audacity to endanger women, to lie about the death rate of back alley / self induced abortions and the safety of legal, medical abortions. That is NOT pro-life!

These lies enrage me for so many reasons; I know they are lies; but think of all those they DO hurt emotionally with their deception? The most obvious fact out of all this is, as humans, as WOMEN, WE DESERVE TO KNOW ALL OF OUR OPTIONS and TRUTHFULLY! 

We certainly don’t deserve to have their personal opinions stated as ‘facts’ when it’s anything but fact; they really want women to make choices based on lies? LIFE altering choices?… How pro-life. Then again, in an upcoming video I’ll share their paper on “excuses” for abortion. 

They seem to not comprehend that bringing a child into this world is a MASSIVE event and DOES require a LOT more than them saying “you made your bed, lay in it”… Children should not be used as a punishment for sex, be it unprotected sex or failed contraception… Kids deserve love and a good home with their parent or parents; not to be brought into this world as I was; a “punishment” for unprotected sex. Shame on anyone who thinks such a way.

Giving birth to a child should not be forced, just as abortion should not be forced. Women should ALSO not be abused, taunted and lied to by what I am going to call a “false fact makers hanging outside of medical buildings, hoping to cause distress or problems.” And yes. False fact makers is a stupid name, but it works all too well.

Woman should make the choice- no matter if you agree with it or not, and with ALL CERTAINTY! She should at the VERY LEAST have the proper educated materials from INDEPENDENT, UNBIASED sources to learn about prior making ANY choice. Not based on lies & opinions based on those lies which they suddenly start thinking they can call a “fact” because…well they think that way so… it must be a fact!

….Please don’t listen to their abuse. Make your own mind up; do INDEPENDENT research… Not biased and random anti-choice/anti-life made “MISinformation.”

Dr. Parker talks about this very issue in his brilliant book “Life’s Work- A Moral Argument For Choice“- Though I am not personally Christian, I have read the bible, and if you are going to claim to be like Jesus, then be like him. That’s what Dr. Parker and a handful of other Christians who’ve contacted me do; they realize they have 1) no right to judge and 2) it’s none of their business. 

These absolutely deranged “people” who loiter medical facilities that provide abortion, put doctors and staff at risk, harass and abuse not only these heroes but also the often times already emotional woman as she goes to have nothing more than a medical procedure. She is not killing anyone nor is any doctor.

Abortion is not murder; but because there is no proof it is murder, they falsify their own “research” and like attorneys choosing the jury pool, they pick the women that meet are more likely to yield the wanted result (this ‘study method’, by the way, is not considered legal and that they have done this countless times has been proved and even been admitted) and -brace yourself- even these women don’t always give them the responses desired, so they end up with what they cite as “inconclusive”- so, with that, they claim there is a CHANCE because it’s inconclusive. BS.

Independent, unbiased and world-wide research facilities, organizations and medical professionals not only find the exact opposite (i.e., abortion does not increase risk of mental illness in fact it does the opposite when compared to full term pregnancies), the “research” the few but many relentless liars put out is published not on the World Health Organizations website or medical journals of any prestige or credibility in the academic field.

Instead, they are posted mainly on religious websites such as the “National Right to Live” and that is who I am going to wrap this up with though other anti-life sites have similar “resources” (all self created I might add. Go ahead; look it up for yourself.)

So, I am choosing to share the advice of the NRLC because of the absolutely pathetic job they do at convincing anyone of any intelligence that they are actually citing established, reputable and reliable medical research. Sad part is, I wonder how many people fall into the trap…

But let’s dig a big into what they advise students to do when it’s pro-life paper time!  [P.S., ERM, IF THE STUDENT CLAIMS TO BE AGAINST SOMETHING, WHY DON’T THEY ALREADY KNOW THEIR ARGUMENT FOR THEIR CAUSE?… Because there is no legit argument showing abortion to harm women or be an act of freaking murder.]

But I digress. Here we go! The BRILLIANT advice from those who make their own truths and fantasies; none of which are based on academic or medical merit. Yes the introduction is corny. Yes, it made me feel sick, and so yes; that is why I kept it in…because it only gets better:

It seems as if you’re barely back from summer vacation and your teacher asks you to do a report or a research paper on a current event. You’re pro-life, you’d like to write a paper on some aspect of the abortion issue, but how do you get started and what signposts do you need to observe?

Begin by accessing the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund. The Trust Fund conducts first-rate research, digs through newspapers and government reports and medical journals, and assembles it all in an easily accessible, easy to understand format.

And any reader can rely on our accuracy.

 The factsheets, which are indispensable,…


Give opposing arguments their due both because that is being intellectually honest and because it tells your teacher he or she does not need to view your solid counter-evidence with suspicion.
But with brochures and factsheets from the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund, you’ll have the ideas and information you need to address some of the hottest topics in America today. You’ll be better and smarter for it.

And that’s what education is all about.

So… that digging through medical journals and government papers they fail to cite and fail to quote accurately. All information I have seen is based on the basis of simple personal opinion, no facts are given and what they claim to be facts hold no merit caliber or worth in a medical journal or discussion.


The main give away is they have no citations to their “myths and facts” so I have written them. I also tweeted them:

and am awaiting a reply. When -and if- I get one, I will repost this with the updated information – until then, if you want to read misinformation, lies along with history twisted to meet anti-life needs, their website is definitely the one to go to.

I’ll be posting an update soon! … Okay, I tried to give them more time, even wrote them again


-and I saw them post right before this so I know I’m being ignored lol maybe they will decide to be decent and send the citations?…

… I know.

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